Monday, March 20, 2017

Monki sleeveless top, Kenneth Cole jacket, Apparel After Dark side slit pants (shop here), Zara flats (shop here), Visionary Store sunglasses (shop here) [photos by Santi Wijaya , edited by my baby Andreas Ciu ]

hi guys ! it feels sooooo good to be back after a while. I stopped blogging due to my hectic schedules (#unilife) but now i managed to keep things on track with blogging. As you can see, i changed the appearance of this blog and also the domain (*yay*) which i've always wanted to do since the first day i started blogging, and this time i will be blogging about beauty related stuffs too (for the love of make up ! ) and maybe some of my designs i did for uni assignments.

Some of you may know that i moved to Malaysia last year to pursue my studies as a graphic designer, everything went smoothly, adjusting life, living away from my parents, having to learn how to cook, do the laundry, clean the house, etcetcetc. So long story short, i passed the first year of uni with flying colors and now i can keep things on track and start blogging again.

bye x,

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