Saturday, April 06, 2013

kate spade top, unbranded tribal leggings

I feel like a cat. I told myself back there behind the scene when Cynthia finished doing my face. I love the hot pink lip color she applied to my lips, it matches with the pinkish color of my legging.
The pictures were taken on January together with the twins Delvinna and Delvanni for their twiggy shot Cynthia requested. click here to check out their twiggy look by Vinnie Yeonata.

Make Up and hair-do : Cynthia Coco
Photographed by : Vinnie Yeonata and Firbert

Anyway, i'm nominated as one of the Top Five Bloggers in Pattern contest i participated last week. I'm going out early tomorrow for another photoshoot session featuring a piece from to win the prize worth IDR 1.000.000 !
Follow my instagram @meganpannata for a quick preview 
bye !

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