Saturday, April 13, 2013

Girbaud Francois Jeans jacket, Prada top, Zara skirt-pants, Esprit bag, Adorable Projects Indonesia wedges, Rayban boho sunnies.

comfortable.Dad's Girbaund jeans jacket is slightly too big for me and i kinda sink in the extra large piece.Again,i'm using the same pair of wedges, i had to say it is super comfortable (i can run like a hungry beast with that 11cm thing in my feet).Anyway,congratulations to Vina Bahri who won the Local Brand.co.id  patten contest. I was in the second place with 706likes (massive thanks to those who have voted).
p.s: follow my Instagram account (@meganpannata) for post previews and here's a music video of Speak Up -POP ETC. loving the song atthemo.

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