Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here comes the day that i have been waiting for so long. Now that i'm sixteen, i finally realize that i should be more mature and independent in any situation and thanks to all my wonderful friends who sent me greetings and sweet wishes, you guys made my day. I love you all dearly.

I woke up this morning an hour earlier because i was too excited and i remembered waking up 3 times in midnight. I was amazed and surprised with those wonderful greetings that i honestly am tired of typing 'thank you-s' *giggles*, but you guys are absolutely amazing ! I remembered 4 girls whom i barely know their name and face, tapped my shoulder and said happy birthday sweetly to me while i was sitting in the canteen waiting for my friends. 

I didn't get much for this year but what made this birthday memorable is actually a couple best friend i made in tuition. I couldn't believe how much they actually love me. They set up a little surprise for me last night and i am really greatful to have them, they meant a whole world to me though we've just knew each other since last semester. They bought me a cake,6 cartons of milk, and a full box of golden oreos, and a barbie house !!! i was really surprised. Thank you Whia, Ed, Melvin ,Farica ,Vivian ,Hengky ,Andrew. i love you guys. 

Birthday. I always imagined that your birthday is a day when you can get whatever you want and do anything you want,but i was wrong. (i've been laying down in my bed doing some browsing and finally decided to blog while i used to go out and spend lot of money in my past birthdays). I realized i was born lucky in my state of mind that both of my parents love me,and so do the rest of the family tree.My parents can afford me nice clothes and delicious food while many out there are starving, i'm grateful to have them. I love you Pa, Ma. I was wrong to have put up a stormy face since my parents refused to buy me an iPhone 5 for my birthday. I found a picture somewhere in the internet showing a picture of a starving boy with a caption saying 'you still cried of not having an iPhone 5 while this boy could just die of hunger in any second'. I was touched and i didn't even think about having iPhone since then.

Well, i was a bit disappointed of not having what i've been nagging for but this is the best birthday of my life ! i gain so much love today and i just can't stop thanking . <3

bye guys :)

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